Fleur Jardin Imparfait

Le Jardin Imparfait

Le Jardin Imparfait, created by Olivier Poubelle, aims to produce, organize and broadcast shows and other cultural and para-cultural events in any field. The company brings together several companies of varying sizes, status and notoriety, all of which share a desire to promote creation and foster original and quality artistic cultural projects. More than traditional group, Le Jardin Imparfait is a gathering of artists, creativity, energy, makers - of sound, images, arts, shows ...  
With a unique network of artists and more than 20 years of experience in production of live events, we work on a daily basis to forge strong and lasting relationships with actors and performing venues throughout the world. The agency is also committed to providing privileged access to France - and Europe, artists and quality projects spotted worldwide, in a logic of true intercultural dialogue and diversity. It also designs for private partners, events or venues, always reflecting on their identity and their audiences.

Astérios Spectacles
3 Pom Prod
Yuma Productions
La Belle Saison

La Maroquinerie
Les Trois Baudets
Le Bataclan
Les Bouffes du Nord
Le Radiant-Bellevue

Labels Buda Musique
Studio Pigalle

Audio Production
Les Canards Sauvages

Le Jardin Imparfait is also a physical place : 35 rue du Chemin vert,  11ème arrondissement, in Paris.
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